All about shungite for your household

All about shungite for your household

Shungite is a solid black mineral from Northern Russia containing c-60 with fulerenes. Discovered in the 1700s it's fullerene component was the subject of a 10 year research project for which two people were awarded the 1996 Nobel prize for chemistry. It has beneficial metaphysical (protection), biological(curative, preventative), electrical(barrier) and beauty (cleansing, cleaning, free radical) properties and other practical uses.

Clean stones used in home water purification every 2-6 months by leaving out in the sun. 

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Fake #Shungite Exposed - Two Examples

Fake #Shungite Exposed - Two Examples

Purchase hand-tested and verified #shungite from my store.  With the organic, yet exploding popularity of #Shungite for its myriad of benefits (EMF Protection, Water Purification, Virus Cures) there inevitably would bring fakes and counterfeits. Here are two examples of high-priced fake rocks that are labeled as #Shungite but are not. I'll demonstrate why, here. I have started an e-commerce store offer a reliable and trustworthy place to purchase verified #Shungite. I purchase directly from the mine in Karelia, Russia and test every single rock by hand (personally) before shipping. I have been a fan of Shungite for a couple of years now, since I bought my first stone, and my interest in it has increased the more I use it and see intriguing benefits in it. 

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So many people are now becoming aware of the mysterious qualities of Shungite, a rock found in a crater lake in west Russia. This rock is found there, and nowhere else, and has intriguing properties which are making Shungite extremely in demand. Predictably, fake Shungite is being sold or mixed in with batches (cut). 

Shungite - The Crystal of Ancestral Healing

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