Huge Belly but NOT Fat?

Huge Belly but NOT Fat?

A non-fat belly (ascites)

Huge Belly but NOT Fat?

0:00 A non-fat belly (ascites)
0:44 Cirrhosis
1:40 What you could do

Do you have a huge belly, but it's not fat? A non-fat belly (ascites), is a condition where a person has a protruded stomach, but it's not coming from fat. It's coming from fluids.

This type of protruded stomach is caused by a damaged liver. The damaged liver is causing leakage of fluid and accumulation of a protein fluid in the abdominal cavity.

With this condition, there is a replacement of the normal healthy liver cells with fibrous scar tissue, and you end up losing the function of the liver cells.

Cirrhosis doesn't happen overnight. It takes years to develop. This could happen from consuming alcohol, or from years of poor eating. It usually starts with inflammation, and typically the person will have a fatty liver as well. The inflammation is part of an immune response, and the body heals with scar tissue.

Typically, what's done medically, is they lower the person's sodium, and they put them on diuretics.

Here are a few natural things you can do:
1. Lower your carbohydrates
2. Stop consuming alcohol
3. Consume moderate protein and fat
4. Consume cruciferous vegetables
5. Intermittent fasting
6. Give it time (3 years)